Cryptomining: In these countries it is really worthwhile

As a result of a relevant study, some countries have been found to be recommended for cryptomining. In addition to energy costs, the following external factors were considered for this study:

  • Can the required hardware be obtained without too much effort?
  • .

  • Does the respective infrastructure provide a feasible Internet connection?
  • Do the regulatory domains of the respective support bitcoin mining?

All of these points significantly affect bitcoin mining in the country in question. The order of the countries does not matter.

On the topic of bitcoin and cryptomining, one often comes across online casinos. An online casino like the NetBet Casino is a platform on the net that works similar to a real casino. Players meet to play in a wide range of games and to bet. Bitcoin casinos are online casinos where payment is made primarily with Bitcoins. Although some providers also support other cryptos. But to do that, you first need to get your hands on the popular digital coins, for which mining is a good alternative to buying. In this article, you will learn which countries are particularly suitable for mining.

Mining Cryptos in Iceland

The Nordic country has become a real mecca for the crypto mining community in recent years, which was further strengthened by the Genesis Mining company when it moved its headquarters to Reykjavik. Mining in this country has also led to a 50% increase in energy consumption.

Bitcoin miners are taking advantage of the cheap energy costs in the country. Iceland has a significant number of natural sources for generating energy. With numerous hydroelectric and geothermal power plants, Iceland has a sustainable source of energy. It provides these to its residents at a low cost. This also pleases the cryptominer.


The cost of mining a bitcoin in Georgia is $3,316. This ranks Georgia as the second cheapest alternative for mining cryptos. BitFury’s well-known mining company is based there. This is a clear indication of the low cost of electricity.

Even more, the environment, in terms of taxes and regulations, is quite attractive for crypto miners in Georgia. According to legal regulations, mining is not affected by taxes, which is a significant factor. Thus, mining companies have to pay very little taxes, if any. In fact, lawmakers are quite open to the cryptocurrency issue. As such, a number of laws have already been enacted that are aimed at attracting more of the blockchain industry to the country.


It costs an average of $3,965 to produce a Bitcoin in this country. The country in the north of America has quickly presented itself as a fallback option for miners from China. The latter have gradually had to abandon their operations due to increasingly unfavorable regulatory conditions at home. In addition, Quebec’s hydroelectric plants offer enticing energy rates. This again reduces energy costs for the data center and miners. As in Iceland, the cool climate in Canada is another advantage. In this way, the in cooling costs are of great importance.

Canada is also among the top countries when it comes to an optimal environment for cryptomining and blockchain technologies. While ICOs, or Initial Coin Offering or Initial Public Coin Offering, an often unregulated method of crowdinvesting, have only been lightly regulated, cryptomining is legal. Even more so, lawmakers have taken a positive stance. They want to continue to maintain the fertile environment around cryptomining and blockchain.

United States

The cost of mining a bitcoin averages $4,785 in the United States. However, the real value varies greatly from one state to another. For example, New York, with one of the lowest prices for electricity in the world, is a paradise for cryptomining. As a result of the onslaught of miners and the resulting demand for electricity, the state has stopped new miners from joining the power grid.

The state with the cheapest rate currently is Louisiana. There, it costs an average of $3,224 to mine one bitcoin. Other states in the top 5 cheapest places for bitcoin mining in the United States are Idaho, Washington, Tennessee and Arkansas.


Russia is trying to portray itself as a crypto-friendly country. This could make it one of the first countries to benefit from the rising blockchain industry. The average cost of mining a bitcoin is $4,675. There are plans to provide miners with electricity from the country’s largest utility as subsidized power.

The cold climate in Russia is also exceedingly beneficial for mining. As mentioned earlier, the regulatory environment also supported the spread of cryptomining. However, lawmakers are planning to introduce occasion legislation for cryptocurrencies. However, it is not likely that mining will be negatively affected by it.


Venezuela is the country with the cheapest energy costs in the world. It is believed that it costs only $531 to produce one bitcoin. Energy is massively supported and promoted by the government in Venezuela. However, in the past, there have been arrests related to Bitcoin mining.

On the other hand, the president of Venezuela has announced that mining is absolutely legal. This is most likely related to the launch of the government cryptomining project called “Petro. Thus, the use of low energy prices is not prevented by strict regulation. Importing mining rigs is the main challenge.

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