Fun in team with scavenger hunt apps

A team that works well together is more effective, productive and successful – not to mention happier and more fun to work with! But team building in the workplace can be difficult, especially when typical team building activities elicit eye rolls among teammates rather than high-fives. Whether you’ve been tasked with organizing team building activities or you think your team just needs to come together and have fun, workplace team building activities are the way to go. There are even plenty of opportunities for online team building activities if your team works remotely and is distributed. Adults can have fun too!


What is it like to work in a digital marketing agency today?

Online marketing is an exciting industry. There is never a dull moment in this fast-paced world. It is constantly evolving and requires you to think fast. Given the ever-growing popularity and effectiveness of digital marketing, it’s no surprise that agencies dedicated to the craft are doing so well.

The prospect of working for a SEO and digital marketing agency is exciting. Working for an agency is very different from working for a branded company. Agency life is varied, and you never know what you’ll be working on next.


Scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for kids and adults with scavenger hunt app

A classic game at children’s birthday parties is the scavenger hunt. Kids also play this game together in their free time. The scavenger hunt gives a lot of pleasure to both girls and boys. Of course, the game can also be played with adults. There is now a digital app that offers a lot of fun and activity for all users. Users (m/f/d) can create a city rally, a treasure hunt indoor or outdoor. An interactive knowledge trail can also be created. You can use the scavenger hunt software to deliver a game to participants via app. A modern design and good content allow a lot of design freedom.

Advantages of the scavenger hunt software are:

  • Augmented reality technology e.g. in 3D
  • .

  • Live features with team movements in real time, operator calls
  • .

  • Evaluation by reviewing high score history in time lapse or slideshow of all photos and videos
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  • Offline security with real-time control
  • DSGVO compliant, with servers in Germany
  • Simple pricing models with no entry fees or ongoing costs
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Summary of the scavenger hunt app

The app offers versatile possibilities for example with tours of museums, geocaching, museum rally, city rally, JGA tours, guided tours, house tour, trade fair tour, knowledge rally, knowledge quiz or library quiz. With creativity, the app can be designed freely. There are different types of tasks to choose from. Varied tasks are for example multiple choice, riddles, text tasks, video and image tasks. Step by step you develop a complete game with fun and rewards. With modern design templates, developers decide on look and feel. You can even get custom branding with white label app at the software. There are real-time features for more dynamics in the game. Chat and push messages add excitement and fun. Facts can be shared interactively. This also allows different locations to communicate with each other. This Scavenger Hunt App Online supports multiple languages. Games can be developed without programming knowledge. The app already has several, good partners. The games are interesting for companies, school classes, families, cities, museums and many organizations.

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