Games for locksmiths

Being a locksmith is not always an uninteresting job. There is limited interaction with customers that connects a locksmith to the human side of the business. The work gives the locksmith direction. The travel is an incentive. The technological changes and continuing education to keep up with the times provide psychological growth. And what about the fun? Even those mechanically oriented members of our neighborhood like to have a good time.

For some locksmiths, lock selection is a game. As they gain experience, they are able to take on more complex tasks. It is said that a locksmith sees a lock like a puzzle.

Overview of locksmith games

A professional locksmith plays a role in the video game World of War Craft, unlocking crates in the trade screen. In a game called Crack the Code, the locksmith must click numbers and penetrate until the mix is right. Cleaner Scrape is an online game featuring Bob the locksmith pro. There is also a free online flash video game called Kensington Lock Selecting. Gridlock is another fun online lock picking game that offers three difficulty levels to suit beginners to experienced players.

A social game that relates to professional locksmithing is called Break the Safe. It is a relatively new game developed by Forrest-Puzan Creative. Players must work together as a group to find the keys, disarm the traps and fend off the guard dog.

On a larger scale, locksmiths can participate in the Dutch Open, a lock-picking competition in Sneek, the Netherlands. This event provides intellectual stimulation and fun for any locksmith lucky enough to attend. Some of the world’s best locksmiths participate in this event.

Another great event for the Keysmith Stuttgart and locksmith professionals is held by Locksport International. DEFCON 14 featured workshops, lectures, tool sales, speed competitions, tool making and presentations, with both beginners and professionals getting their money’s worth.

Keysmith Competitions

In April 2018, a Lock Picking Pogoda for locksmiths and lock picking enthusiasts was held in Franfurt. Common locks, Chinese imitations, cabinet locks and high security locks are shown. Breaking open safes is also on the agenda and is a challenge for those brave enough to try.

The Locksmith Aschaffenburg are not the only ones who enjoy locksmith events, games and clubs. There are also people who just want to explore locks and how they work for fun. It can be satisfying to uncover the secrets of the lock industry and manufacturers. It’s not always a bad idea. It does provide a difficulty in showing these companies where their weak points are so that improvements can be made. Individuals who learn how to pick locks are not just criminally minded individuals.

This possibility does exist, but it is only a part of the group of people who think about this profession.
Locksmiths, of course, enjoy activities other than lockpicking games and events. Just as doctors want to have more fun than just playing the board game “Operation,” locksmiths will be special people who want to have more fun than just what revolves around their craft.

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