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So you’ve read up on Google Pagerank and you know what it is. Now that you know exactly what it is, I am sure you want to increase your Pagerank to improve your ranking in SERPs and get more visitors. Search engine optimization is the art of achieving a better pagerank through the knowledge and experience of an SEO expert. Online search engine optimization includes all the elements needed to rank a website well in the SERPs, from onsite changes like titles and meta tags to offsite SEO aspects like links. Since your website probably has a low pagerank and you want to do something to increase it, this article contains some tips and hints that will help you in your efforts. Many so-called SEO experts have launched tools that can help you increase your website’s pagerank. However, it must be noted that most of these tools are ineffective and will not help you at all. What will increase Google pagerank is applying some of the methods listed below to your website. Applying these proven methods will ensure that your website’s pagerank increases, and they are all completely free SEO methods. So you should ask yourself why spend the money to increase pagerank when we can inform you how to do it for free?


Increase pagerank.

As we have already mentioned, there are a number of SEO methods to increase the Google pagerank of a website. Even if you follow just one of the following techniques, you can expect to see a positive difference in your website’s pagerank.

Method #1: Material

Despite the fact that SEO experts constantly talk about the importance of content, most webmasters overlook their recommendations to make sure their websites have quality content. This is really crazy, especially considering that Google looks at material when determining pagerank. So one of the best ways to improve pagerank is to make sure your website has quality material. This content should always be related to the topic of the website. The content must not be too long (more than 2500 words per page) or too short, must be useful and should contain the right amount of keywords (a keyword density of 2-5%). If your content has all of this, you should stay in excellent shape to increase your pagerank.

Strategy #2: Backlinks

The most crucial factor for Google’s pagerank is backlinks. These are inbound links from a website to your website. These links tell Google that your website must have good content, otherwise other websites would not link to it. Now you may think that it’s all about the links, right? Not quite. Google has become very smart and accurate when it comes to Pagerank, so it can distinguish bad links (i.e. hyperlinks from link farms, irrelevant websites, etc.) from good links (links in short articles, links from appropriate websites, etc.). The most effective technique to increase pagerank is to collect excellent backlinks. The next 2 methods on our list cover this.

Technique #3: Forums and Blog Pages

Google is known to index forums and blog pages quickly. The fastest way to get a good backlink is to simply post a link to your site on a forum or blog. Most online forums consider links to be spam, so you need to make sure you do this the right way. Try to sign up for online forums that are relevant to the topic of your website, and put a link to your website in your signature if possible. Also include a link to your website in your profile. Then post 1-10 times. Your posts should contribute something to the forum so they don’t get changed or, worse, deleted.

As for using blogs to get more links, you can try creating your own blog page and put a link to your website there. You can also try to discuss in other suitable blogs and include a link to your website in those comments. Again, you need to be careful because you don’t want to make comments directly promoting your website.

Strategy #4: Articles

A popular method to get a much better Google page rank is to write articles. These short articles are based on your website. For example, if you run a photography website, you can write an article about digital photography. At the end of the article, you can include something like “For more about digital photography, visit”. Article backlinks are extremely efficient as they are trusted by Google. Be careful not to mention your website too often; one or two mentions per post is fine. You can submit your short articles to and ezines, or you can use short article submission services or post submitter software.


You don’t need to invest any money to increase your pagerank. All you need to do is simply apply a few of the techniques described here, and you will be well on your way to better Google pagerank.

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