Why artists love Instagram

Many people use Instagram to photograph their meals, their desks, their coffee cups, the pattern on the paper towel they used in the pantry, and practically anything they can think of. Suddenly, everything around the world has become a reasonable game on Instagram. People have become more aesthetically pleasing, and instant photography is on the rise.

Instagram has actually given the world a chance to see the world from a different perspective. Instagram offers a perspective that is unique, a view that is truly personal, and a perspective that tells a story to the world. Instagram allows us to show the whole universe how we see our world through the various filters offered with the free software application. This is the most important reason why artists like Instagram. Instagram has unexpectedly given artistic individuals the opportunity to show their artistry and creativity without the need for elegant machines and gadgets. At the personal limits of the smartphone, we enter a world where we can see things not only through rose-colored glasses, but also with various other filters.

Like any other social media, Instagram has its share of addled brains wading through the mud filled with photos of girls showing off their brand new headbands or the Venti coffee they just bought at a nearby Starbucks. But when you go beyond the ordinary and meaningless use of Instagram, a more serious side emerges. A side that artists can build on as they use the platform to develop their art and show it to the world, and even have the opportunity to offer one or more pieces for sale.

One fantastic thing about Instagram is the ability to post or upload a photo in a single action. If you decide to post a photo, you can probably promote it on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare, and even the ubiquitous email. Suddenly, more people can view your images, and with relatively little effort. Instagram, then, allows artists to increase their presence and exposure in hopes that people will see their work and maybe even end up selling a few pieces.

Here are some of the reasons why artists can’t get enough of Instagram.

Artistic Awareness. Using Instagram to give his or her work a larger space is probably the most obvious thing an artist can do with the social network’s platform. As mentioned earlier, the ability to post an image and have it appear on all platforms at once makes it a handy pusher for information that is otherwise unavailable unless someone tries to develop that device.
Using hashtags to locate relationships. Something that is great about Instagram is the use of hashtags, comparable to how Twitter works. Hashtags appear in a different light when you use them to localize relationships, where you can target potential regional customers, where you can invite regional art lovers to your exhibitions, and what not.

Use hashtags to help others discover you. Hashtags are also helpful for individuals to discover your artwork since it is bundled with other works.
Artists will always find a way to use Instagram. Why wouldn’t they? Instagram’s natural leverage gives artists an advantage as visual beings. What a human can’t discuss, the eyes can easily understand. If you’re a young artist, it’s best to harness the power of Instagram to build your portfolio and get seen. Who knows, you might get the big break you’ve been waiting for when suddenly a fan appreciates your art and buys it.

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