Bariatric scales

The treatment of and management of weight problems has created a demand for bariatric devices in recent years, and the need for bariatric scales has increased significantly. Due to the nature of weight problems, a bariatric client may need special support from their physician and the devices they use. Bariatric scale developers have made fantastic strides in medical scale innovation to meet the needs of both parties.

Bariatric scale manufacturers have incorporated everything contemporary science and technology can offer into the style and construction of bariatric scales. Medical Supplies and Equipment Company has actually worked tirelessly to remain at the forefront of these innovations in medical equipment innovation and we now offer advanced bariatric scales.

The bariatric scales in our warehouse have been specifically customized to meet the requirements of bariatric patients. The bariatric scales are designed with durable elements and extra wide weighing platforms to comfortably accommodate the bariatric patient and provide accurate measurements. For patients who are wheelchair bound, we have a range of wheelchair scales to choose from. We also carry bed scales for bedridden patients.

Bariatric scales, like all bariatric equipment, must be designed to meet the needs of both the client and the caregiver. Increased weight increases the risk of injury to the caregiver when handling and moving the patient. If a bariatric client is having trouble getting around, it is beneficial for everyone involved to consider selecting bariatric mobility products such as bariatric walkers, bariatric rollators and bariatric wheelchairs. These products ensure trustworthy and safe patient transport while reducing the risk of potential injury to the patient and caregivers during such actions. Many of our bariatric scales also feature handrails for added support and balance once the mobility aid is removed.

At Medical Materials and Devices Company, there is an extensive inventory of bariatric devices to meet all of your home and healthcare needs. Below are some profiles of the scales in stock, but it is recommended that you review the full line of bariatric devices to ensure that all of your needs are met.

The 489SEC electronic bed scale has integrated lifting devices that allow the four measuring platforms to be easily and conveniently placed under the rollers of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is measured with the TARA function and the exact weight of the patient is determined. Both minor and unanticipated fluid losses and gains can be immediately monitored and reported by an alarm. These modifications are essential for medical professionals dealing with intensive care, dialysis, and nutrition-related issues.

The 466SEC Bariatric Wheelchair Scale is easy to install for wheelchair users thanks to its very flat platform, and the side barriers ensure maximum safety. The integrated Pre-TARE function determines the patient’s net weight in seconds. Another advantage is the HOLD function, which displays the measured values in large, easy-to-read figures even after the scale has been unloaded. This model folds up in a few easy steps and is easy to transport thanks to its casters.

The 446SEC Bariatric Scale has a very large, flat platform that makes getting on and off the scale very convenient, and the curved railing provides a secure handle for added stability. It has lockable casters and a swiveling control/screen panel that provides a high degree of flexibility for medical personnel. This design can be converted into a complete measuring and weighing station.

Whatever your requirements for bariatric scales and other bariatric equipment, we want to be your primary supplier. After browsing our online inventory, don’t think twice to call our customer service toll-free at 1-877-706-4480 for any concerns or more assistance.

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